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Our 10-year anniversary - and a French and Vegan takeaway

Today, 15 July 2020, is our tenth anniversary. We are so looking forward to reopening the restaurant on 4 August 2020. In the meantime, we are celebrating by launching our very own French and Vegan takeaway offering, which will run from now and then alongside the restaurant.

What's new? A huge new commitment to vegan cuisine - tasty, subtle flavours, quite simply gorgeous food. Ever thought vegan food was boring? Try our new "Blésotto" - a wholewheat risotto with courgette, or our Aubergine burger with sweet potato chips!

We've always been famous for our desserts here at the Pantygwydr - with a French chef who also trained in Vienna, home of sophisticated chocolate making, it's no wonder - but we've gone up a step now with our gorgeous new vegan desserts!

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