We will be taking a four-day break from serving takeaways from Sunday 18 to Wednesday 21 April

Normal takeaway service will be available up to Saturday, 17 April and will resume on Thursday, 22 April 

Weekends tend to fill up a day or two in advance 

if you're ordering by email, please remember to provide your telephone number

please consult our TAKEAWAY MENU which is available 7 days a week throughout 2021

even during periods when the restaurant is closed 

(Tous nos plats sont faits maison - this is what makes our cooking so special - every starter, main course and dessert from the French fish soup, stocks and sauces to our desserts, sorbets and ice creams - all made with the skills of a French chef and patissier here on site)

We look forward to continuing to serve you 

Pantygwydr Hotel
Oxford Street

Telephone:  01792 455 498     email: 

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