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Pant-y-Gwydr French and Vegan Restaurant Menus
 in addition to in-house dining, we are continuing to serve our takeaway menu seven days a week 
(order any combination of French and Vegan dishes
to take away with 24 hours' notice )  

Whilst allergens are indicated, please still inform us of any allergies or food intolerances

when making your order


Pant-y-Gwydr French and Vegan Restaurant Menus 

(order any combination of French and Vegan dishes)  

The appetizer is a warm pancake made with cream cheese (milk), egg, chives, garlic,

 and buckwheat flour which is wheat-free.

French restaurant starters

Soupe de poisson  £8.50  Traditional fish soup with whole pieces of white fish – as you might find served in the port of Marseille Allergens: fish, celery the soup is served with a crouton (wheat, rye) and a rouille sauce made with olive oil, egg, piment, potato, saffron, garlic, fish soup (fish)   Allergens: fish, celery, egg, wheat 

Moules marinières  £9.50 (according to availability) Mussels cooked in white wine with celery and garlic.    Allergens: mollusc, milk, sulphur dioxide (wine), celery (wheat-free) 

Escargots de Bourgogne  £8.80 Snails from Burgundy – six snails served in a potato case with garlic butter and parsley Allergens: milk (butter), mollusc


Tarte Tatin aux oignons de Bretagne (v)  £9 An innovative version of the Tarte Tatin with warm puff pastry (wheat), a delicate layer of melting Comté cheese (milk), topped with caramelised pink onions from Brittany Allergens: milk, wheat


​Pavé de champignons, compote d’oignons (v)  £9

Melt in the mouth mushrooms in a crispy coating, with onion compote, mushrooms, shallots, milk, egg, breadcrumbs & flour (wheat), olive oil, nutmeg, honey, wild rocket, pink peppercorns     Allergens: milk, eggs, wheat


Coquilles Saint Jacques poêlées, beurre blanc, percepierre  £14.50 Pan-fried scallops

Beurre blanc sauce with white wine, samphire Allergens: crustacean, milk, sulphites (wine)

Soupe à l’oignon  £8.50  French onion soup - onions, butter (milk), chicken stock (celery), bay leaves, white wine (sulphur dioxide) – Allergens: milk, sulphur dioxide, celery served with a crouton and French mature Comté cheese Allergens: milk, wheat 

Chèvre frais rôti  (v) - £8.50  Goat’s cheese oven-roasted with sweet potato, olive oil, basil dressing Allergens: milk (this dish is wheat-free) 


Vegan restaurant starters

Gateau de courgette, coulis de tomate  £8.50  Vegan courgette gateau with leeks, courgette, tofu and a tomato coulis Allergen: soya


Potage cultivateur £8.50  Vegan French country vegetable soup with carrot, celery, petits pois, potato, leeks, cabbage, turnip, olive oil  Allergens: celery (this dish is wheat-free)


Smooth vegan paté  £8.50  Puy lentils, walnuts, soya, beetroot, rosemary, thyme, sage Allergens: nuts, soya


Millefeuille de légumes, duxelle de champignons  £8.50  Vegan rainbow layercake with button mushrooms, olive oil, potatoes, carrot, spinach, parsley, chervil, tarragon, chives.  This dish is wheat-free

Classic Restaurant main courses


Cassoulet Toulousain    £22.50     A recipe from the south of France – a rich, casserole of Toulouse sausage, Welsh lamb, duck confit, pork and white beans    milk (butter) wheat (breadcrumbs on top) (we pop the breadcrumbs on top at the last minute – so just let us know if you would like a wheat-free version of this dish)


Navarin d’agneau  £23  Navarin of Welsh lamb, slow-cooked in white wine with a pretty decoration of carrot, courgette, celery, turnip and potato  Allergens: celery, sulphites


Suprême de volaille sauce bourguignonne £20   Pan-roasted chicken breast with a red wine sauce, served with triple-cooked chips Allergens celery (stock) and sulphites (wine) milk-free and wheat-free

Magret de canard £26.50 Duck breast, pan-roasted with sweet potatoes, parsnips and celeriac, served with a jus and dauphinois potatoes Allergens: milk, celery (duck stock)  (wheat-free)


Fillet of beef £35 (250g/8oz approx) served with triple-cooked chips 

and a Cognac and Green Peppercorn Sauce Allergens: celery (stock), milk (cream)


Tournedos Rossini £35 (250g/8oz approx) served with triple-cooked chips 

Fillet of beef, toast, pâté, truffle and truffle essence, a classic Madeira sauce (demi-glace).   A 19th Century recipe created by French chefs in honour of the Italian composer Rossini, a reputed gourmet. Allergens: celery, milk, sulphur dioxide (Madeira wine), wheat (toast)


Couscous Royale £22  Michèle's favourite! A fragrant and gently spicy dish from Algeria - Couscous semoule (wheat), miso paste (soya), olive oil, onions, leeks, celery, carrots, courgettes, fennel, turnips, tomatoes, chick peas, bouquet garni, sage, Provence herbs, ras-el-hanout, harissa, fresh coriander, lamb, chicken and Pant-y-Gwydr merguez sausage (100% homemade - beef, lamb, onion and spices, including oregano, mild piment, harissa and aniseed)       Allergens: soya, wheat, celery

Filet de bar rôti, purée de petits pois frais, panisse  £23.50

Pan-roasted fillet of sea bass, a recipe from Nice – pea puree, crispy Mediterranean-style “panisse” chickpea chips, and a tomato dressing    Allergens: fish    milk-free and wheat-free (if you wish to order additional triple-cooked chips this would be counted as an extra side dish – we cannot change the recipe as served)


Potée de lotte  £25.50 A recipe from the south of France – casserole of monkfish, baby squid and mussels, aioli (potato, egg, garlic, olive oil, chicken stock (celery)) croutons (wheat)        

Allergens: fish, crustacean, mollusc, egg, celery, wheat 

Confit de Canard £21.50 Barbary Duck Leg confit slow cooked and served with a jus and sauté potatoes, sweet garlic Allergens: milk, celery  


Toulouse sausages  £18 with French-style mash, onion gravy – as for all our dishes, our sausages are made here at the Pant-y-Gwydr to an original recipe with lean pork and pork belly, pink salt, pepper, chilli, sweet garlic, dextrose, ascorbic acid. Served with French-style mash (potatoes, butter (milk) and an onion gravy (stock, onions, celery, sweet garlic) Allergens: milk, celery  


Sauté de boeuf “Zelensky” £24 Beef sauté “Zelensky” – strips of fillet of beef sautéed with paprika, red onion, Welsh vodka, served in a roasted red pepper with triple-cooked chips on the side Allergens: milk (butter, cream cheese), celery (stock)   we will make a donation of £1 to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal for each beef Zelensky sold in the restaurant


Additional side dishes £4

Green beans with butter (milk)

Triple-cooked chips, French-style mash (milk) or

Dauphinois potatoes with julienne of leeks, Comté or gruyère cheese & cream (celery, milk)



Vegan main courses

Tagine de courgette, grains de Sarrasin  £18  Vegan tagine courgette, onion, aubergine, fennel, red and yellow peppers, celery,, piment d’Espelette served with buckwheat pilaf (buckwheat grains, onion, vegetable stock (celery), olive oil)   Allergens: celery


Vegan Couscous  a fragrant and gently spicy dish from Algeria   £18.50

Couscous semoule (wheat), miso paste (soya), olive oil, onions, leeks, celery, carrots, courgettes, fennel, turnips, tomatoes, chick peas, bouquet garni, sage, Provence herbs, ras-el-hanout, harissa, fresh coriander with Vegan Tofu Croquette tofu (soya), seitan (wheat), chia seeds, gram flour, yeast, fenugreek seeds, cumin, Provence herbs   Allergens: soya, wheat, celery

Vegan Strüdel au sarrasin et au noisettes, chiffonade de choux rouge  £18  Vegan buckwheat strudel (leeks, onions, cauliflower, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, soya cream, olive oil) with an accompaniment of gently simmered red cabbage and raisins   Allergens: soya, nuts

French Cheese

Les fromages français  £12

A selection of five French unpasteurised cheeses which change with the seasons – Brie de Meaux AOC a soft cheese from Normandy;  Langres Aoc Chalencey a soft cheese from France Champagne; Roche Montagne, a pressed blue farmhouse cheese from the Cantal; 12-month aged Comté, an Alpine cheese; Selles sur Cher, a goat’s cheese from the Loire Valley.. Served with artisan biscuits (containing wheat, rye, milk, soya, may contain traces of nuts) and with ‘pâte de fruits’ (artisan apple and pear jelly)   Allergens: milk, wheat, rye, soya, nuts




Classic Desserts

Le Chocolat  £10    Chocolate egg with chocolate mousse and crème, white chocolate sorbet, ‘oeuf à la coque’ with warm chocolate ganache and Merlin cream liqueur   Ten minutes cooking time      Allergens: milk, eggs, soya (wheat-free)


Le Citron £10 Three miniature lemon desserts - cream of lemon and meringue, "demi-citron" with mascarpone, lemon sorbet.  Allergens: milk, eggs


Charlotte aux pommes £8.50  Apple charlotte with apricot coulis and apricot sorbet   (apples, apricot, brioche (flour, egg, butter) lemon juice, sugar

Allergens: milk, wheat, egg    Ten minutes cooking time     


La Banane £10  a new banana trio with caramel banoffee pie, warm banana fondant and banana sorbet Allergens: milk, wheat, egg    Ten minutes cooking time     


La Vanille – £10 our vanilla trio - Mini-crème brulée, warm vanilla fondant and vanilla ice cream   Allergens: milk, eggs, wheat

​Les glaces - £7 (3 scoops).  Pant-y-Gwydr ice cream - vanilla, caramel or mint-chocolate chip (made with fresh mint leaves and Saint Domingue dark chocolate)

Allergens:  eggs, milk, wheat (biscuit), soya,

Les sorbets - £7 (3 scoops). A choice of strawberry, banana, lemon, lime & basil, apricot, passion fruit, raspberry or white chocolate sorbet   

Allergens: eggs, wheat(biscuit), soya (soya in white chocolate sorbet).


Vegan Desserts

Vegan dark chocolate fondant with Pant-y-Gwydr “milk” chocolate vegan ice cream £8.50   Allergens: wheat, soya


Vegan la Vanille  £10  Vegan trio dessert with miniature crème brulée, mini-vanilla moelleux and vegan Pant-y-Gwydr vanilla ice cream  Allergens: soya, wheat


Vegan Caramelised Apple tart £8.50 with Pant-y-Gwydr vegan vanilla ice cream Allergens: wheat, soya


Pant-y-Gwydr VEGAN FRUIT SORBETS with vegan biscuit 3 scoops £7

A choice of lemon; raspberry; passion fruit; lime & basil, banana or strawberry – vegan biscuit contains wheat



Restaurant opening times: Tuesday to Saturday

Lunch from 12pm (doors close at 3pm on weekdays and 3.30pm on Saturdays)

Dinner from 6pm (doors close at 11pm)



Please note that if you are booking for a party of more than ten guests we will request advance menu choices and advance payment. We kindly request that you do not bring birthday cakes to the restaurant -- please let us know if you would like us to place a candle in a dessert


Pant-y-Gwydr uses a locally-made, innovative Lo-Cooker, an energy-efficient oven designed and built by engineers from Swansea and Llanelli -




If you wish to download our menu, please click the button below!

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