Restaurant menu - although the restaurant is closed during the current restrictions our takeaway menu remains available 7 days a week

Pant-y-Gwydr French and Vegan Restaurant Menus

-although the restaurant is currently closed, we are continuing to serve our takeaway menu seven days a week from 10am to 8pm

(order any combination of French and Vegan dishes)  

The appetizer is a warm pancake made with cream cheese, chives and garlic, now made with buckwheat flour which is gluten-free.


French restaurant starters

Soupe de poisson - £6.00

Traditional fish soup with whole pieces of white fish – as you might find served in the port of Marseille 

white fish, fresh tomatoes, onion, leek, celery, carrots, fennel, saffron, star anise, flat parsley, thyme, bay leaves, olive oil

Allergens: Fish, celery 

the soup is served with croutons and a rouille sauce made with olive oil, egg, piment, potato, saffron, garlic, fish soup Allergens: fish, celery, egg, gluten 

Moules marinières - £6.50 (according to availability)

Mussels cooked in white wine with celery and garlic.

Mussels, butter, white wine, celery     Allergens: mollusc, sulphur dioxide (wine), celery (wheat-free) 

Cuisses de grenouille poêlés, gnocchi cressonnière - £6.90

Pan-fried frogs legs, gnocchi with cress purée

Frogs legs, butter (milk), buckwheat flour, flour, shallots, garlic, thyme, leeks, chicken stock, cress, spinach, parsley, olive oil

Allergens: milk, celery, gluten

Chèvre grillé, légumes méditerranéans (v) - £5.80

Grilled goat's cheese with roasted Mediterranean vegetables .

goat’s cheese (milk), courgette, aubergine, red peppers

Allergens: celery, milk (this dish is gluten-free)

Pavé de champignons, compote d’oignons (v) - £5.80

Melt in the mouth mushrooms in a crispy coating, with onion compote  

mushrooms, shallots, onion, milk, butter (milk), egg, breadcrumbs and  flour (gluten), olive oil, nutmeg, honey, wild rocket, pink pepper, chervil Allergens: milk, eggs, gluten.

Coquilles Saint Jacques, purée de petits pois, beurre blanc- £8.70

Pan-fried scallops with a purée of peas and a beurre blanc sauce (shallots, white wine), white balsamic vinegar

Allergens: crustacean, milk, sulphites (this dish is gluten-free)

Vegan restaurant starters

Crème du Barry - £5.80

Vegan Cauliflower soup with quenelles  of garden peas

cauliflower, leek, onion, soya cream (soya), miso paste (soya), bouquet garni, mace, chia seeds, salt, petit pois, carrot, garlic, Provence herbs, olive oil, flour (gluten)

Allergens: soya, gluten


Gâteau de courgette, sauce tomate - £5.80

Vegan courgette gateau - served with a tomato coulis

courgette, olive oil, leek, barley, rye (gluten) and oat flakes, miso paste (soya), yeast flakes, onions, garlic, tomato, Provence herbs.

Allergens: gluten, soya

Millefeuille de légumes, duxelle de champignons - £5.80

Vegan rainbow layercake with mushrooms 

button mushrooms, olive oil, potatoes, carrot, spinach, parsley, chervil, tarragon, chives

This dish is gluten-free.

Pavé de concombre, coulis de poivron rouge - £5.80

Vegan cucumber gateau with buckwheat grains and red pepper coulis

cucumber, leek, onion, red pepper, courgette, aubergine, tomato, buckwheat grains, cream of rice, olive oil, Provence herbs, lemon juice, coriander powder.  

This dish is gluten-free.

Classic Restaurant main courses

Boeuf bourguignon - £17.00

Beef slow-cooked in red wine, steamed potatoes.

Welsh beef, butter (milk), mushrooms, button onions, lardons, shallots, bouquet garni, red wine (sulphites), olive oil, steamed potatoes, black pepper

Allergens: celery, sulphites this dish is gluten-free

Navarin d'agneau - £17.00

Navarin of Lamb slow cooked with white wine, garlic, onion, bouquet garni, tomato, veal stock, served with button onions, carrot, turnip, new potatoes, courgette   

Allergens: celery, sulphites this dish is gluten-free

Magret de canard au topinambour et noisettes caramelisées  - £22.00

Gressingham duck breast with Jerusalem artichoke, caramelised hazelnuts and a Port sauce, served with dauphinois potatoes   Allergens: milk, nuts  (this dish is gluten-free)

Demi pintade, sauce au poivre vert - £18.00

Half a roast guinea fowl, green peppercorn sauce - served with chips or sauté potatoes

Half a roast guinea fowl, butter (milk), olive oil, thyme, garlic. green peppercorns, veal stock, chicken stock, crème fraiche (milk), shallot, Cognac. 

Allergens: milk, celery this dish is gluten-free

Welsh Fillet of Beef* (250g/8oz approx) £29.80

Served with a Cognac and Green Peppercorn Sauce, Chips and Green Beans

Allergens: celery, milk (cream)

Tournedos Rossini* (250g/8oz approx) - £29.80

A 28-day aged fillet of Welsh beef, toast, pâté and truffle, a classic Madeira sauce (demi-glace). Served with chips and green beans.  A 19th Century recipe created by French chefs in honour of the Italian composer Rossini, a reputed gourmet.

Allergens: celery, milk, gluten (toast) 

*This fillet steak may be ordered: blue (50°C core temperature), rare (55°C core temperature), medium (60°C core temperature), or well done (65°C+ core temperature). The individual colour, as well as the exceptional flavour and texture of this steak, are influenced by the high quality and provenance of the meat which has not been artificially treated to maintain a red colour, the length of time for which it has been aged, etc.

Couscous Royale - £16  and Michèle's favourite!!

A fragrant and gently spicy dish from Algeria - couscous, Pant-y-Gwydr merguez sausage, lamb and chicken 

couscous (gluten), merguez sausage (100% homemade - beef, lamb, onion and spices, including oregano, mild piment, harissa and aniseed), miso paste (soya), chicken, lamb, olive oil, onions, leeks, celery, carrots, courgettes, fennel, turnips, tomatoes, chick peas, bouquet garni, sage, Provence herbs, ras-el-hanout, harissa, fresh coriander.

Allergens: soya, gluten, celery

Filet de Merlu, blésotto de courgette - £16.00

Grilled fillet of hake, courgette and wholewheat risotto (wholewheat grains, onions, vegetable stock, cream)

Allergens: fish, celery, gluten, milk 


Potée de lotte - £19.80

A recipe from the south of France - casserole of monkfish, baby squid and mussels, aioli, croutons.

monkfish, squid (crustacean), mussels (mollusc), fish soup, saffron, fennel, red pepper, spring onion, potato, thyme, served with aioli (potato, chicken stock, garlic, egg, olive oil) and croutons

Allergens: fish, crustacean, mollusc, egg, celery, gluten (crouton)

Côte de veau normande - £22.50

Veal chop in a Normandy sauce with Calvados, cider, apples and cream served with triple-cooked chips  

Allergen: celery, milk (cream), sulphites (cider)

Bavette, échalotes - £12.80

A typical French cut of steak, pan-fried and served with a shallot jus, chips and salad This minute-style steak has been described as ‘tenderly chewy’ and, for this reason, it is cooked by French chefs for as short a time as possible. We recommend that it is cooked medium (to maintain maximum tenderness) or rare.

Allergen: celery 


Side orders - £3.00

Additional orders for green beans, sugar snaps, mange tout, triple-cooked chips, sweet potato chips, sauté  potatoes with sweet garlic or dauphinois potatoes can be placed at the time the main course is ordered.


Vegan main courses

Vegan Naked Aubergine burger with tomato chutney and Sweet Potato Chips – £15.00

aubergines, tomato, garlic, onion, pearl barley (gluten), Provence herbs, apple, cider vinegar, Demerara sugar, mixed spice, sweet potatoes   Allergens: gluten

Trilogie de Choux, Sauce Aurore - £15.00

Vegan trio of cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage with a vegan tomato béchamel sauce

green cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, millet, buckwheat grains, onion, chia seeds, tofu (soya), paprika, mace, olive oil, soya milk and miso paste (soya), mace, tomato puree 

Allergens: soya

Vegan Couscous -  £15

a fragrant and gently spicy dish from Algeria and Michèle's favourite! 

couscous (gluten), miso paste (soya), olive oil, onions, leeks, celery, carrots, courgettes, fennel, turnips, tomatoes, chick peas, bouquet garni, sage, Provence herbs, ras-el-hanout, harissa, fresh coriander.

Allergens: soya, gluten, celery

Goulasch de légumes et Seitan - £15

Vegan goulash with Pant-y-Gwydr Seitan

mushrooms, leeks, button onions, red pepper, seitan (gluten), garlic, olive oil, white wine (sulphites), paprika, miso (soya), arrowroot, cream of soya (soya), chives

Allergens: sulphites, gluten, soya

Menu choices – the à la carte menu contains Pant-y-Gwydr classics as well as Vegan dishes, including desserts,

Pant-y-Gwydr house style - French cuisine, based on traditional and original recipes and authentic ingredients (snails from Burgundy, Welsh lamb and Welsh aged beef, organic Tempeh, British-grown and produced soya)


No service charge is added to your bill. Tips are left at the discretion of customers. We request that any gratuities are left in cash so that we avoid passing on card processing costs to staff.


We are open for lunch (from 12pm) and dinner (from 6pm) from Tuesday to Saturday and for Sunday lunch from 12pm

Pre-theatre bookings (from 5.30pm) are welcome when booked in advance We are now taking bookings for dinner on Christmas Eve and lunch on Christmas Day. We are also taking bookings for our December and Christmas Day collection menu

All of our dishes are made in-house. Many ingredients and most sauces are cooked at the time you order – this sometimes means a longer wait to be served. There’s a lot going on in our kitchen. We can’t maintain the level of complexity during the service if we are asked to change the combinations of food we serve. For this reason, we do not change our recipes or side orders with the exception of adaptations where possible to accommodate food allergies.

Food allergies and intolerances - please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal when making your order.


Pant-y-Gwydr uses a locally-made, innovative Lo-Cooker, an energy-efficient oven designed and built by engineers from Swansea and Llanelli -


Assiette de fromages - £7.90

A selection of five French organic cheeses from our French cheese supplier which change with the seasons, made with unpasteurised milk, served with artisan biscuits (gluten) and with a pâte de fruits and celery.

Roche Montagne, a pressed farmhouse cheese from the Cantal; Saint Maure de Touraine AOP, a goat’s cheese from Poitou-Charentes; Brillat Savarin a triple cream cheese from the Paris region; Tomette de Brebis Petit Pitxu a sheep’s cheese from the Pyrenees; Pont l’Eveque a soft cheese from Normandy. Served with artisan biscuits (which contain wheat, rye, milk, soya, may contain traces of nuts),



Classic Desserts

Le Chocolat – £7.00

Chocolate egg with chocolate mousse and crème, white chocolate sorbet, ‘oeuf à la coque’ 

Allergens: milk eggs, soya (wheat-free)

Le Citron - £7.00

Three miniature lemon desserts - cream of lemon and meringue, "demi-citron" with mascarpone, lemon sorbet

Allergens: milk, eggs

L'Assiette praliné  - £7.00

The nutty dessert: iced nougat and raspberry coulis, almond and hazelnut nougat, millefeuille-style hazelnut.

Allergens: nuts, milk, wheat, eggs, soya

Tarte des demoiselles Tatin -  £6

Caramelized apple tart served with Pant-y-Gwydr vanilla ice cream

Allergens: milk, gluten

Les glaces – £4.80

vanilla, mint-chocolate chip (with fresh mint leaves and Saint Domingue dark chocolate) or caramel

Les sorbets - £4.80

A choice of raspberry, strawberry, lemon, lime & basil, passion fruit or white chocolate sorbet.

Vegan Desserts

Vegan Tiramisu - £5.80

soft tofu, firm tofu (soya), lemon juice, vanilla pod, soya milk (soya), sugar, agar, vegan soya yoghourt (soya), organic soya milk (soya), vanilla, rapeseed oil, organic flour (gluten), sugar, baking powder, coffee

Allergens:  gluten, soya

Vegan Crème Brûlée - £5.80

A vegan soya "creme" with caramelised sugar

Organic soya milk and cream of soya (soya), maize flour, sugar, agar, vanilla pod, Demerara sugar  

Allergens: soya

Vegan Caramelised Apple tart - £5.80

apples, lemon juice, sugar, flour (gluten), margarine 

Allergens: gluten


Coffee and tea

Served with chocolate rochers containing hazelnut praline (allergens: nuts, milk, soya).


Espresso - £2.50

Double espresso - £2.95

Black or white coffee - £2.50

Coffee with cream - £2.80

Cappuccino - £2.80

Double cappuccino - £3.20

Macchiato - £2.60

Latte - £2.90

French hot chocolate served in a jug - £2.80 

Liqueur coffee - £6.80

Teapig tea leaf pyramids - Small pot £2.40, Large pot £3.90

Everyday tea, Green tea, Darjeeling Earl Grey, Peppermint, Superfruit berries, Jasmine pearls

*all desserts are suitable for vegetarians Chocolate: We use chocolate from certified single origins in

Santo Domingo, Tanzania and Ghana, most of which contain small quantities of soya lecithin. Alcohol:

there is a very small amount of alcohol in Le Chocolat. All ice creams contain milk and eggs.

Pistachio nut ice cream contains nuts, milk and eggs Praliné ice cream contains nuts (hazelnuts)

Mint-chocolate chip ice cream contains soya, milk and eggs Sorbets contain fruit puree


Although we request that customers do not bring birthday cakes to the restaurant, we are only too happy to place a candle in a dessert upon request.




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